Kidnapped: In the Line of Duty (1995)

“I’m 35 years old, I’ve been an agent for 13 and I know LA like the back of my hand. You will see Kenny again.” – Pete Honeycutt

“Kevin.” – Lily Yee

“Kevin. I’m confident of that.” – Pete Honeycutt

Number of Times Seen – At least Twice (1 Dec 2004 and 28 Jul 2021)

Brief Synopsis – An FBI agents tries to find an IRS employee who uses his job to find wealthy people in the area in order to kidnap their sons for lucrative ransoms.

My Take on it – This is a great film in this TV franchise of movies because it allows the viewer to get a look at this kind of crime.

The film has Timothy Busfield and Dabney Coleman playing the two leads and the cat and mouse game between them throughout the story works well in helping establish the intelligence of both of them.

The story plays out really well and the fact that it is base don real events helps keep things feeling so realistic the whole way through.

They manage to develop the character payed by Busfield really well and it’s easy to see how his dedication to his work has affected his home life to a very far extent.

The cleverness of Coleman’s character also shines through here and this allows the story to feel even more impactful in all that it does along the way.

The film is a bit tame due to the fact that its a made for TV movie and that takes a bit away from things despite the fact that this is what is to be expected from these kind of movies.

The story is quite suspenseful and they are able to keep it thrilling all the way to the very end.


Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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