When Harry Met Sally (1989) – Encore Review 5

“Everybody thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor but they couldn’t possibly all have good taste” – Marie

Number of Times Seen – Too many to count (Theater, DVD, 22 Jul 2013, 29 April 2014, 2 Mar 2015, 13 Aug 2019, 1 Jan 2020 and 3 Nov 2021)

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Brief Synopsis – Two strangers meet during a road trip from Chicago to New York which begins a friendship that lasts over a decade.

My Take on it – This is one of the very best romantic comedies and works so well no matter how often one watches t.

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are perfect together and have such a great amount of energy and chemistry together that it’s such a pleasure to watch it all take place.

The characters are developed really well and they all come across as being so genuine and realistic in all that they say and do which adds so much to the story.

The dialogue is superb and the way that the conversations go between the characters is amazing because they are right on the mark the whole way through.

Love how the personalities of the two characters seemingly clash, yet they complement one another so well that it never feels strained or forced.

The music is perfect for this kind of film and that also adds so much to the atmosphere of it all.

The combination of Rob Reiner and Nora Ephron as director and writer is also great and they do a wonderful job bringing these characters to life.

Highly Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – In the museum scene, Billy Crystal (Harry) ad-libbed, “But, I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie.” Meg Ryan (Sally) laughed and looked to her right where director Rob Reiner silently prompted her to go with it. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (10/10) (no change from original review)


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