MovieRob’s Birthday Bash of Favorites 2022 (#2 of 49) – One Day in September (1999) – Encore Review 2

January is my birthday month, so I decided that I would try and do something quite unique and special for this milestone in my life. I will be turning 48, so I decided to watch 49 (48+1 for good luck) of my all time favorite movies in a random order over the course of this month.  I have reviewed every one of these films already, but I will now give new perspectives on them all. Every one of these films received a 10/10 scoring from me.  Some of these reviews will contain spoilers so if you have never seen them before, I recommend that you read some of my previous reviews of the film that are spoiler free before reading on…

Hope you enjoy!

This is film #2 of the 49.

Let’s continue with… 

“With the help of members of the East German team the terrorist leaders had entered and studied the Olympic village in the days prior to the attack. Now they headed straight for the Israeli men’s quarters.” – Narrator

Initial Viewing Memories – This is a movie that I heard about before it premiered and actually knew the son of the Producer who went to the Oscars to watch his father win gold. Such a powerfully descriptive documentary that resonates even 23 years after it was made.

Number of Times Seen – Between 5 and 10 times (TV in ’99, DVD, 15 Jul 2013, 6 Jun 2019 and 1 Jan 2022)

Link to original reviewHere and Here

Brief Synopsis – Documentary about the terrorist attack on 11 Israeli Athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

My Take on it – This is a film that always gives me goosebumps to watch because of the shockingly powerful way that this film portrays things.

The film does an amazing job mixing together news footage, new interviews and old interviews in order to give the viewer a very comprehensive look at the tragedy of the 1972 Olympics which was an opening for the world to actually see the effects of terrorism in a very live manner that was unknown beforehand.

The fact that they were able to get some very exclusive interviews for the film works well because it allows the viewer to hear from some of the key players on both sides of the story.

The story is told in a swift yet engaging way which helps keep things some fascinating and frightening to watch at the very same time.

The way that they show how the Olympic committee and the German police force had no idea how to act during these circumstances is unbelievable and despite it being easy to second guess things in hindsight, the failures are still glowingly obvious throughout.

One of the best and most powerful documentaries ever made and was quite deserving of its Oscar win for Best Documentary.

Highly Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Premiered on September 11, 2000. Its title was eerily prophetic of what would happen exactly one year later to the day. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (10/10) (no change from original review)


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