MovieRob’s Birthday Bash of Favorites 2022 (#35 of 49) – Dead Again (1991) – Encore Review 2

January is my birthday month, so I decided that I would try and do something quite unique and special for this milestone in my life. I will be turning 48, so I decided to watch 49 (48+1 for good luck) of my all time favorite movies in a random order over the course of this month.  I have reviewed every one of these films already, but I will now give new perspectives on them all. Every one of these films received a 10/10 scoring from me.  Some of these reviews will contain spoilers so if you have never seen them before, I recommend that you read some of my previous reviews of the film that are spoiler free before reading on…

Hope you enjoy!

This is film #35 of the 49.

Let’s continue with… 

“I’m not Roman!” – Mike Church

Initial Viewing Memories – I recall going to see this in the theater with friends and we knew nothing about it.  The story was amazing to watch unfold and I even remember everyone in the theater jumping in their seats when the big reveal happens.

Number of Times Seen – Too many to count (Theater in 1991, Video, Cable, DVD, 25 Jan 2015, 14 Apr 2016 and 22 Jan 2022)

Link to original reviewHere and Here

Brief Synopsis – A detective is hired to try and find the identity of a woman with amnesia who is somehow connected to a murder that happened 40 years earlier.

My Take on it – Such an amazing and original thriller that works on so many levels.

Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson have superb chemistry in dual roles which adds so much more mystery to the story.

The characters are developed really well and that enhances the story and the thrills along the way.

The music by Patrick Doyle is great and adds an eerie feel to the way things play out here.

The choice to have of this movie in black and white and half in color helps differentiate between the different time periods being shown and adds so much to the way things unfold.

The supporting cast also add so much to the film with Andy Garcia, Derek Jakobi, Wayne Knight and Robin Williams adding so much flavor to this multiple time line thriller.

Highly Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The numbers on the back of Roman’s prison uniform are “25101415” or “25 October 1415,” the date of the Battle of Agincourt fought by King Henry V, which was the movie Sir Kenneth Branagh directed prior to this one. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (10/10) (no change from original review)


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