1984-a-Thon Update

Check out the upcoming 1984-a-thon hosted by Forgotten Films. There are still movies available if anyone wants to contact Todd and grab one!

Forgotten Films

1984_blogathonJust a little over a week after announcing the 1984-a-Thon, I am absolutely floored by the huge response. So far, over 70 bloggers have signed on, and thus over 70 films are scheduled to be reviewed throughout the week. That’s just amazing! Check out the ever changing list of what films are being reviewed here. Even with so many films being covered, there are still many that have not been selected yet. My hope is to have reviews of as many of 84’s films as possible.

So…since it is getting harder to find the films that are still available, I have decided to list several of the films we are still looking for bloggers to review. Sign up by e-mailing a few title possibilities to forgottenfilmcast@gmail.com. If you’ve already signed up, sorry, you can’t have another…at least not yet. Part of my hope with this blogathon is to…

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