Knock Knock (2015)

 knock-knock“I like building up the anticipation.” – Evan

Number of Times Seen – 1 (8 Nov 2015)

Brief Synopsis – While his wife and kids are away, an architect is visited by two mysterious women who seemingly got lost on their way to a party.

My Take on it – I can’t even explain why I even thought for a second that this movie might be interesting.

The plot is too extreme and I still question more than 24 hours after having watched it, what everyone was thinking when they decided to make this movie.

Keanu Reeves seems extremely miscast and out of his comfort zone in this film.

The premise starts off ok, but too quickly goes into very strange and extreme territory.

This movie seems to be a revenge film, but it is missing the slightly important factor of the explanation of the reasoning for wanting that specific revenge on him in particular.

Bottom Line – Not the best thriller around and I’m still trying to figure out why this was made.  Reeves feels very out of place here and I can truly say that this very very far from being his best work.  Premise starts off interesting but goes places that get too extreme.  Feels like it should be a revenge flick, but they forgot to add the why seek revenge into it.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – This is the first official remake of the 1977 psychological thriller “Death Game”, but there’s also a much older unofficial remake of that movie – the 1980 Spanish erotic thriller Vicious and Nude (1980) a.k.a. “Vicious and Nude”, with Jack Taylor, Eva Lyberten and Adriana Vega’.  (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy


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16 thoughts on “Knock Knock (2015)

  1. I think it deserves to do a massive sweep at the Razzie Awards! Honestly such an awful film, it was hilarious at times though even though it didn’t mean to be . . . What about the Facebook ending! haha

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  2. Good review, Rob. I actually enjoyed this movie. Maybe I’m the only one. Hehe.

    I think Roth should have embellished the girls’ motives a bit more. Here is what I was thinking while watching. For me, they picked Evan for a reason. They think all men are susceptible. All men. They think the family man who pretends to be a monster, really is one. They try and pull it out of him. It’s really haunting.

    The blonde gave clues that she honestly wants him to be her “Daddy”. He is a good guy afterall, who just couldn’t turn down some “free pizza”. Really, for me, this movie just needed to be thrilling. And it definitely was.


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