Ghostbusters (1984) – Encore Review

untitled-1_copy_copy_copy“oh, wait, wait, i’ve always wanted to do this! and… [he yanks the tablecloth off of one of the tables, upsetting and breaking everything except a vase of flowers on the center of the table][shouting while offscreen] the flowers are still standing!” – Dr. Peter Venkman

Number of Times Seen – Too many to count (Theater, TV, Video,  DVD, 20 Jun 2013 and 14 Jul 2016)

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Brief Synopsis – A group of scientists form a company to try and stop a paranormal onslaught on NYC.

My Take on it – This is a favorite film of my childhood and I think a lot has to do with the fact that it deals with some dark themes but knows not to really take it all too seriously.

The script deals with serious issues but is splattered with comic lines throughout which helps keep the tone in check.

The choice to cast Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis as the main trio was genius because they are able to work so well off of one other.

They are perhaps the best trio of comedians of movies from the 80’s.

The film is so quotable because there are so many hilarious lines in it.

Besides the three stars, the supporting cast is superb because each and every character has both a dark and a light side and they all know how to play both sides.

The tone is near perfect because it gets the balance right between supernatural horror and comedy.

I still haven’t yet seen the remake but I am interested in seeing what they can do with an all female cast.

Bottom Line – Such an iconic film that is so quotable. The choice of casting Murray, Ackroyd and Ramis together was a genius one and they remain one of the funniest trios in films from the 80’s.  The rest of the cast is superb and the entire cast is able to walk the fine line between comedy and drama. The tone of the film is perfect because they make things seem real but with a ‘light’ supernatural spin to it all. Haven’t seen the remake yet but im not in any rush to see it. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia –  Almost none of the scenes were filmed as scripted and, in fact, almost all of the scenes had at least one or two ad-libs. Most of Bill Murray’s lines are ad-libs. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (no change from original review)


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