Fire Birds (1990)

“Mr. Preston, this operation will be a failure if we all die! ” – Brad Little

Number of Times Seen – Twice (Cable in the 90’s and 12 Dec 2017)

Brief Synopsis – A cocky army helicopter pilot tries his best to join an elite squad that will be sent to stop the drug cartel in South America.

My Take on it – This film feels like a bad carbon copy of the film Top Gun (1986) and it isn’t even close to being as interesting or even enjoyable.

Nicholas Cage is NOT Tom Cruise and I’m always confused when he is given these kind of roles where he doesn’t fit the part at all.

I’m a big fan of Tommy Lee Jones, but his character is also not interesting at all and he doesn’t work as well as Tom Skeritt did in the other film as a veteran pilot trying to teach a young ambitious one how to stay alive in the air.

Lastly, Sean Young isn’t a good enough replacement for Kelly McGillis.

Basically I’m really surprised that this film was made because it is quite boring most of the time and just isn’t able to keep things entertaining and enjoyable at all.

Even with (pseudo) action sequences, I almost feel asleep watching this turkey.

The plot is quite silly and seems like a real waste of manpower both on and off screen.

It really has no redeeming factors in it.

Bottom Line – Terrible Top Gun (1986) duplicate that is a waste of time. Cage is no Cruise and as much as I love Jones, his character can’t match Skerritt.  Young doesn’t fit the role as well as McGillis did.  The storyline is boring and doesn’t seem important enough to really care.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Sean Young’s character is named Billie Lee Guthrie. Sean Young’s mother’s name is Lee Guthrie. (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy


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