Skyjacked (1972)

“[over the P.A] I’d like to repeat one thing: this threat is probably a hoax. There is no real cause for alarm. Anchorage is a routine destination for Global. I’ve told you substantially everything there is to know, but I promise you I’ll pass on any further information as soon as I get it. Well, one good thing: all drinks are on the airline for everyone. You can unfasten your seat belts, but keep an eye on the sign as we turn into the airport. Thank you. ” – Capt. Henry ‘Hank’ O’Hara

Number of Times Seen – 1 (24 Oct 2021)

Brief Synopsis – After the crew on a transcontinental flight get a ransom note from a mysterious passenger with a bomb, they must divert the plane to Alaska or risk being blown up.

My Take on it – Pretty good thriller that manages to stay entertaining throughout.

Charlton Heston is always perfect in this kind of role and gives off a great demeanor as the captain of this hijacked plane.

The various passengers are all developed in a nice way that raises so many suspicions as to who could possibly be the hijacker trying to divert the plane and what may be the motive of this crime.

Like many airplane disaster films of the 70’s, this one also has a great supporting cast that includes James Brolin, Roosevelt Grier, Susan Dey, Walter Pidgeon, Mike Henry and Claude Atkins.

Once the identity of the hijacker is revealed, the suspense level continues to rise as the fate of the flight continues to be in the hands of someone other than the flight crew.

Some of the acting here is a bit too wooden, but overall it still is done well and feels quite realistic most of the way through.


MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Between 1961 and 1973 almost 160 airplane hijackings occurred in the U.S. The novel upon which this film is based was published in 1970. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (7/10)


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