Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)

Beverly_Hills_Cop_III“[outdraws a henchman, killing him] “Name is Wild Bill Rosewood. I’m the sheriff of this town.” [flips the gun and puts it in his holster] – Billy Rosewood

Number of Times Seen – Numerous (in theater in 1994, Video, DVD, 1 Mar 2002 and 11 Oct 2013)

Brief Synopsis – Axel Foley is back. This time to find a killer working at a Californian amusement park.

My Take on it – This is clearly the weakest of all 3 Axel Foley movies.  It follows Beverly Hills Cop (1984) and Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) The good thing is that this one just doesn’t take itself too seriously and you just laugh right along with them.

The only 3 characters returning for the finale are Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold and Gilbert Hill.

The bad guy this time isn’t as menacing and devious as the previous two and the jokes mostly seem forced, but the ability to create a Disneyland type amusement park with characters and attractions that work to move the plot forward says a lot for the amount of thought put into it’s creation, even if it was only a new vehicle for star Eddie Murphy.

It always nice to revisit characters we have met before and see what they are doing and what has changed in their life in the interim.

The director John Landis who is notorious for getting other famous directors to make cameos does it so seamlessly here. There are at least 10 famous directors who appear here including John Singleton, Arthur Hiller and even George Lucas.

This movie is a whole lotta fun even though the plot has so many holes in it you could drive a roller coaster through it.

Bottom Line – Weakest of the BHC trilogy, but fun none-the-less. Recommended

Rating – Globe Worthy

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