True Lies (1994)

[to Dana, who’s wearing a helmet, as she leaves the kitchen] “Yeah, I remember the first time I got shot out of a cannon.” – Gib

Number of Times Seen – at least 5 times (Theater in ’94, video, cable, DVD, 13 Jan 2000 and 24 Apr 2017)

Brief Synopsis – An American spy must try to calm things down at his own home as he also is tasked  to stop a terrorist from committing a nuclear attack in the US.

My Take on it – James Cameron has always been such a great film maker because when he does a film he takes things to the extreme.

His films are almost all extremely fun and unique in their storytelling methods and it has to do with the fact that he is such a visionary.

He takes a concept the whole way through and unlike many other prominent directors, when he writes the story and script, he is able to also write amazing dialogue for his characters and not just a groundbreaking storyline.

This film is no exception to that rule.

Here, he is able to make an American James Bond film in nearly a perfect way.

The cast is superbly chosen here and each of them bring something new to the way we can view a film of this kind of genre.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis don’t have the best chemistry together but both do their own parts nearly perfectly.

Bill Paxton is great in a fun supporting role that helps make us appreciate the other characters parts even more.

Tom Arnold is amazing as the comic sidekick and literally steals every scene he is in.

The balance between comedy and action is perfectly done and it helps make the plot even more exciting to watch as it moves along at a great pace.

Bottom Line – Cameron knows how to make such fun and unique films.  He is such a great writer/director because he is able to create fun and interesting stories filled with great dialogue.  This is a perfect example of how to do a Bond film correctly.  Amazing cast helps make this so interesting to watch.  Has the right balance between seriousness and comedy to make us find the plot so exciting as it moves along. Amazing action scenes. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – When Harry tells Gib that Helen is having an affair, Gib tells a story about his second wife taking everything when she left him – he says, “What kind of sick bitch takes the ice cube trays out of the freezer?” This is a reference to Tom Arnold’s divorce from Roseanne Barr – she was reported to have taken his ice cube trays when she left him, too. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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7 thoughts on “True Lies (1994)

  1. Loved this movie. I rewatch it every year. I agree the ballance of humor and action works best. I am curious to watch the original french film this was based off of to see if there are much differences besides casting Arnold Schwartzenegger


  2. I’m not sure the film has aged terribly well (the Crimson Jihad plot hits a little close to home for the jokey approach it’s given) but I still enjoy this. The opening sequence is straight out of a Bond film, the horse/motorcycle chase is a classic and has a great finish to it, and Bill Paxton steals every scene he’s in. It’s also probably the only time I actually enjoy a Tom Arnold performance (and he’s REALLY funny in this — I love the little tag at the end of the credits as well).


  3. Reading your review brought back some happy memories of watching True Lies at the cinema on its release back in 1994. One of my friends was a big Arnie fan and used to drag me along to watch films like this one, The Last Action Hero and Terminator 2.
    I can’t remember the last time I watched this film but I always found Schwarzenegger entertaining and quite amusing, and it’s good to see guys like Arnie and Sly Stallone are still around and kicking!

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