Movies From the Hat VI #10 – Todd’s Pick – The Mechanic (1972)

This is my 3447th Review

Thanks to  Todd of Forgotten Films for this recommendation.

“Murder is only killing without a license. ” – Arthur Bishop

Number of Times Seen – 1 (10 Oct 2017)

Brief Synopsis – A seasoned hit-man uses his intelligence to make even “kill” unique and artistic.  After he takes on an apprentice, things begin to change for him.

My Take on it – In the 70’s, most directors couldn’t go wrong f they hired someone like Charles Bronson.

This film is no exception.

Bronson plays the part of the veteran hit-man quite well and his calm demeanor helps keep things mellow despite the premise.

Jan-Michael Vincent is fun to watch as Bronson new apprentice and they skillfully use training explanations as a way to explain more to the audience.

The story-line is a bit choppy at certain points, but overall is remains interesting to see what will happen.

The various methods used to “eliminate” the targets are intriguing to watch because each is quite unique and inventive in their own way.

The tone is kept quite mysterious throughout and is helped along by the various twists and turns that pop up that keep thing quite thrilling.

Bottom Line – Bronson is quite good in this role, but the story itself doesn’t flow as well as it could have and comes across a bit too choppy. Vincent is interesting to watch as the apprentice but the explanation of the how and why are more for the audience then for his “padawan”. The methods used for each of his “kills” are intriguing to watch due to their uniqueness and inventiveness. The mysterious tone of it all works and they do a great job keeping things thrilling due to the various twists and turns along the way. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Reportedly, publicity for this picture during theatrical release declared that this movie detonated the largest ever (at least at the time) controlled explosion in Los Angeles. Apparently, the explosion utilized five tanks of butane fuel and nine pounds of black powder. The object being blown up was a fifty-years old run-down skid-row hotel which was actually about the same age as the movie’s star, Charles Bronson. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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3 thoughts on “Movies From the Hat VI #10 – Todd’s Pick – The Mechanic (1972)

  1. Agree with 70srichard above. And I’d add a bookend of loving the terrific ending as well. This has always been one of my favorite Charles Bronson movies. Well plotted. Well acted and some twisty stuff. Even though it might be considered a B movie – it was very well done. And the remake stunk.


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