Did They Get it Right? – Best Supporting Actor – Oscars 1994

Here are the five nominees: (Winner in Bold)

Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction)
Martin Landau (Ed Wood)
Chazz Palminteri (Bullets Over Broadway)
Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump)
Paul Scofield (Quiz Show)

Biggest Snub:

John Turturro – Quiz Show

My Overall Thoughts:

This is yet another year with 5 great nominees. Two of them are amazing and the other three are quite good but still feel as if something is missing that would make them so much better.

My Rankings:

Supporting Actor

5. Chazz Palminteri
4. Martin Landau
3. Paul Scofield
2. Samuel L. Jackson
1. Gary Sinise


5. Bullets Over BroadwayTypical Allen fare that works more than not. The dialogue is superbly written and the rapid-fire way that the film moves along is great. The cast is perfect here and it’s no surprise that 3 cast members got Oscar nominations for this film. Allen does a wonderful job keeping the characters interesting the entire time. The film drags a bit in the middle, but manages to recover nicely by the end.
4. Quiz ShowGreat movie that shows the Tv game show industry of the 50’s warts and all. Fiennes, Turturro and Scofeld are superb here.  Redford does an amazing job directing this film.
3. Ed WoodSuch a great film that I can’t believe I never saw it in the 23 years since it first came out. Burton does a fine job balancing between a serious drama and his usually Gothic tales. Depp is quite good in this role, but there is no debate as to who steals the show here; Martin Landau is superb as Bela Legosi and I now know that his wins that year as Best Supporting Actor at the Sags, Globes and Oscars was no fluke. This is also a great cautionary tale about the world of films and how sometimes it can be dangerous when making wishes about fame and fortune.
2. Pulp FictionTarantino is at his best, both in terms of storyline and dialogue.  Amaizng cast works so well with what QT gave them and help make things seem quite realistic even when dealing with some very dark material.
1. Forrest GumpAmazing film that feels both magical and historical but overall it’s still a relevant and timeless look at modern American over the past 60 years. Hanks is superb in the lead and was extremely deserving of not only winning Best Actor at the Oscar, but also having the honor of being only the second lead actor in Academy history to win back to back awards. The special effects are extremely amazing to look at because it helps make the story work so seamlessly. The supporting cast is excellent with Sinise being the best, but Fields, Williams and Wright have helped create iconic film characters. Won 6 Oscars in a year that was VERY competitive. Clearly is the best film of the year and very enjoyable to watch unfold. The balance between drama, comedy, romance and pleasant shock is created so well throughout.

Do I agree with the Oscar winner? – Not Really!  Landau is pretty good in EW, but I think this win was more of a career win than a year where the actually best performance won. GS or SLJ should have won for their performances here since they were so powerful and iconic.

Let me know what you think about these films and my rankings!

Let me Know what you think!!

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