Tumbleweeds (1999)

Number of Times Seen – 1 (6 Oct 2019)

Brief Synopsis – A carefree woman who has trouble staying in one place moves around the country with her teenage daughter to start a new life each time.

My Take on it – This is another film that I’ve been interested in seeing for years but never got around to it.

Since I’m now on a quest to watch all films that have had Oscar nominated performances, I finally decided to try and see what it was all about.

This was a really boring and tedious film that spotlights a character who constantly feels the need to flee the lifestyle that she constantly finds herself in over and over.

Janet McTeer was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in this film and I can understand how she could get nominated but it was so hard to find her character to be sympathetic in any way because of the way that she acts throughout.

This film actually tries to show how this kind of carefree and nomadic lifestyle can affect a teenager who wants to try and find a connection in the various places that she stops at along the way despite the fact that she also wants to follow her mother’s wishes along the way.

Of the entire cast, the biggest standout is actually Jay O. Sanders but unfortunately his character doesn’t appear in enough scenes to be even more impactful on the story especially in the way that he wants to make a difference in the lives of these two women.

The film is paced in a really strange way which makes it so much harder to actually care about any of the characters or the various situations that they keep finding themselves in.

Bottom Line – Really boring and tedious film about a character who constantly feels the need to flee her lifestyle over and over. McTeer was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance here but her character isn’t sympathetic in the least. The film tries to look at how a carefree lifestyle like this can affect a teenager who follows her mother yet makes it even more difficult for her to try and find her place in the world.  The standout in this film is Sanders but his character doesn’t have enough screen time to truly show how he can help make more of a difference in the lives if these two women.  The story moves along at a very strange pace and fails to find a way for the viewer to care about the characters or the situations that they find themselves in.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Janet McTeer took the role as a labor of love. She has also mentioned she was hardly paid for her involvement. (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy (3/10)


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