The Love Goes On Blogathon – Always (1989)

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“It’s not the dress… it’s the way you see me.” – Dorinda Durston

Number of Times Seen – Twice (23 Aug 2011 and 1 May 2020)

Brief Synopsis – An expert pilot is sent back to Earth following hs death in order to mentor a young pilot but doesn’t realize that this pilot is slowly falling in ove with the women he loved before he died.

My Take on it – I’m usually not the biggest fan of remakes of older films, but this movie is able to take an older concept, update it for modern times and find a way to feel quite unique and original the whole way through.

This is a really fun film that largely works due to the sheer energetic performances of the four main characters who are quite lively and genuine in all that they do here.

The film is an adaptation of A Guy Named Joe (1943) and they are able to find a way to both capture the spirit and feel of the original film while at the same time give us a very unique approach to the story.

Steven Spielberg directed this movie and was inspired by his own love for the original film.

he manages to bring us a film that is both a realistic story and one with fantastical elements and the way it is out together is done really well.

The cats is spectacular here.

Richard Dreyfuss is amazing in the lead role and he plays his character in such a fun spirited and enjoyable way that it’s so easy to care about his character especially due to his lighthearted way of acting throughout.

This adds so much to the atmosphere of the story.

In supporting roles, Holly Hunter, John Goodman and Brad Johnson all are able to add so much to this story and help keep things grounded in realism.

The film has a great message that reverberates throughout and is quite poignant.

This is definitely a story that goes beyond death and show how string love can be.

Bottom Line – Such a fun movie that works so well due to the very energetic performances of the four main characters. The story is a great adaptation of the original A Guy Named Joe (1943) and is able to capture the spirit and essence of the story while also feeling quite unique in its approach to the story. Spielberg is able to give us a story that feels both real and as a pseudo fantasy.  Dreyfuss plays the lead character in a really enjoyable way and the light hearted atmosphere helps move things along really well. Hunter, Goodman and Johnson all are able to add so much to the characters that things feel quite realistic. The message of the film is quite poignant and works on numerous levels.  Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The incident where Dorinda mistakes Ted’s John Wayne imitation for Henry Fonda actually occurred between Holly Hunter and Brad Johnson during filming. Steven Spielberg found the incident so comical that he reproduced it in the film. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)


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