Hired Gun (2016)

“Be damn sure you know, what the artist needs. That’s the key. And then provide it ” – Derek St. Holmes

Number of Times Seen – 1 (18 Aug 2020)

Brief Synopsis – Documentary about the musicians who work for famous artists and bands but are not as well known as the led singers.

My Take on it – This is a documentary that I came across by accident and knew nothing about before watching it.

I am a fan of music, but never really gave much thought to the idea of how bands are formed and made up while touring.

This film was able to shed so much light on the subject of how the music industry really works.

The interviews with the various musicians is so much fun to watch because they are able to give us so much information about the front men of these bands.

We also learn how rigorous and difficult the life of a ‘hired gun’ can be especially when they must cater to the whims of the band leaders and their rules and regulations about touring with them.

The fact that they still choose to tour with these bands says so much about the craft that they are each trying to hone along the way.

The various perspectives of the lead singers gives us lots of insight into the true nature of some of these singers, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst.

Bottom Line – Very informative documentary that really allows us to get a much better understanding as to how the music industry works. The musicians interviewed give us so much information about the front men and how rigorous a life these musicians must lead in order to ply their craft.  They also give us a very different perspective in the lead singers and how they each treat their band members in very different ways, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Rock band Art of Dying’s frontman Jonny Hetherington wrote and performed the theme song, also called ‘Hired Gun’ with Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook. The song plays over the closing credits in the film. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)


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