Countdown to 9K (#9 of 9) – American Pie Presents – Girls’ Rules (2020) – 9K reviews!

“Welcome to the annual Back To School Party!” – Stephanie Stifler

Number of Times Seen – 1 (15 Jun 2022)

Brief Synopsis – A group of female high school seniors make a pact to help each other out to fulfill their dreams during their senior year.

My Take on it – This is actually the worst film of the entire 9 movie series.

The characters aren’t at all likeable and despite trying to show the female version of this kind of story, nothing feels even close to being on par with any of the other films in the series.

There are some great jokes here that work due to the gender swap used for the characters and that helps things a bit, but overall, the plot threads and story ideas feel far too mediocre when trying to preset them in a more interesting way.

The cast is ok and they missed their opportunity of inviting Eugene Levy back for another foray into this series and he is sorely missing.

I had hoped for a story that would be like a Bridesmaids (2011) for teenage seniors, but this film doesn’t even come close despite iot’s numerous attempts along the way

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Girls’ Rules director Mike Elliott admitted that the film is “a pretty innocent picture.” In other words, nobody is getting it on with a pie this time around. Even though the final cut that made its way to Netflix and VOD won’t make you blush like the past few American Pie films. He said they filmed some pretty raunchy scenes, but Netflix ordered them to cut them out. The director said that most of the dirtiest bits were created by the movie’s team of female writers. “They really made me blush. I can be kind of gross sometimes myself, but they had a lot of really, really raunchy ideas that couldn’t be in the movie.” (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy (1/10)


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