Genre Grandeur – Head Over Heels (2001) – Ten Stars or Less

For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – New York Films That Take Place Prior to 9/11, here’s a review of Head Over Heels (2001) by Ryan of Ten Stars or Less.

Thanks again to Darren Lucas of Movie Reviews 101 for choosing this month’s genre.

Next month’s genre has been chosen by Ryan of Ten Stars or Less and we will be reviewing our favorite Movies Directed by the Main Actor/Actress.

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Let’s see what Ryan thought of this movie:


Before Netflix took over the romantic comedy genre, film studios like Universal and Miramax ran the genre. A film, Head Over Heels, is lost among the relatively unknown gems of the early 2000s. It has been a long time since I sat down to watch this film, and after a recent viewing, it was just as enjoyable in 2022 as its release year in 2001. Freddie Prinze, Jr. was working his way to being the genre king with performances in She’s All That, Down to You, and Boys Girls, all in my collection. In Head Over Hells, he continued to play the handsome love interest of the main character looking for Mr. Right. Initially, I was interested in this film because I like Monica Potter. She was still building her career in film and TV at this point. It wouldn’t be until later that she became a household name with performances in Saw and Modern Family. In Head Over Heels, she’s Amanda, someone who restores historical artwork in the basement of the Met. The job fits her character perfectly since she is in the basement of her love life, dating loser after loser. At this point, she’s tired of every guy and searches deeply for flaws in everyone she comes across. The two main characters have a great meet-cute and are on a collision course for love from that moment. Of course, secrets will destroy their budding romance, which is the story’s turning point. These two would probably never realize their special connection without a few hiccups. The funniest parts of the movie involve Amanda’s roommates, who are four models. They have quirks but are an endless adventure with no predictable outcomes. The girls provide the best advice, whether it applies to the situation or not, and keep the story moving. People probably read the description for Head Over Heels and scruff, assuming it is a cookie-cutter version of a thousand other movies already in the genre. Those thoughts are not wrong; however, this story has a unique spin, even if you already know the big reveal. The characters’ solid chemistry and the story play to their strengths and weaknesses. Head Over Heels won’t be for everyone, yet if you are bored of what is being offered on streaming platforms, I suggest you track this film down, and you won’t be disappointed. 8/10


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