Adaptation. (2002)

 adaptation“You and I share the same DNA. Is there anything more lonely than that?” – Charlie Kaufman

Number of Times Seen – 1 (18 May 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A struggling screenwriter with writer’s block tries to figure out how to adapt a masterpiece novel for the screen.

My Take on it – I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Charlie Kaufman’s scripts in general.  The movies he writes just are too deep and chaotic for me to thoroughly enjoy.

Having said that, I know that writing the way he does takes genius and that is the reason he is so loved by critics and moviegoers alike.

In this movie, he takes an amazing cast and creates a world within a world by transplanting himself to that story with an alter ego; his fictional twin brother who is his exact opposite.

Nicholas Cage plays both brothers and it’s interesting to see how he plays each of them so differently even though they are identical twins physically.  Cage was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for this movie, but he had no chance against Adrien Brody who won for The Pianist (2002).

Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper were both also nominated for Oscars for their roles and Cooper was able to take home a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for this role.  I don’t think it’s one of his best role,s but he is such a prolific actor that I think he definitely deserved to win one of those statues eventually, so why not for this one.

Kaufman (and his fictional brother) were both nominated for adapted screenplay, but didn’t win either (They also lost to The Pianist (2002) which was also an amazing script).

This is a very weird movie, but if you like these kinds of movies, I am willing to bet you’ll also like this, especially once you are able to sift thru the craziness of it all.

Bottom Line – If you like Kaufman’s work, you should like this.  It’s a bit far out there for me, but I can see the genius behind the chaos. Recommended.

Rating – Globe Worthy


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11 thoughts on “Adaptation. (2002)

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  3. Nice review, Rob! I actually had someone give me this movie as a gift and tell me, “It’s weird. You’ll watch it and never want to watch it again.” Hahaha. Sounds like maybe that was an accurate opinion? It sat on my shelf for so long that I finally just sold it to a local book, movie, and music store…hahaha.


  4. I cannot wait to get to this. I do really dig Charlie Kaufman, but I see how he is at times out of the grasp of others. His writing is certainly quite high brow.


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