Jurassic Park III (2001)

 jurassic_park_3“Great, just great. We’re in the worst place in the world and we’re not even being paid. ” – Dr. Grant

Number of Times Seen – at least 5 times (Theater in 2001, DVD and 13 Jul 2014)

Brief Synopsis – When a young boy goes missing near the dinosaur island, his psrents enlist the help of Dr. Grant to tru and find him.

My Take on it – After the disappointment called The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) came out, it looked like this franchise was doomed, but then this movie came out.

They were able to create an interesting and compelling story that follows in the footsteps of the original.

The characters are interesting, the story makes sense and the dinos are done just right.

Sam Niell returns as our favorite paleontologist that can’t understand kids. He is joined by Michael Jeter, Tea Leoni, William H. Macy, Bruce A. Young and Alessandro Nivola.

It was great to see new bigger and more dangerous kinds of predators on the island including ones that can fly.

I’m quite interested to see where the new movie that is planned for 2015 takes this franchise.

Bottom Line – Sequel that redeems the franchise giving us a worthy story and plot that is almost as entertaining as the original. Once again, excellent cast for an enjoyable foray onto dino land. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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9 thoughts on “Jurassic Park III (2001)

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  2. I just…did not go for this one. I dunno. It was nice to have Sam Neill back, and of course William H. Macy rocks at everything he does, but…meh. Did not like most of the characters, and it just felt like it was trying too hard. But, hey, I’m glad some people enjoyed it at least. Lol. And I am SO excited for Jurassic World!!! 😀 Another excellent review!


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