Genre Grandeur – Grabbers (2013)

Well, here’s another review for this months Genre Grandeur – Aliens.  This one is from Eric of the IPC. If you don’t already know who Eric is, you better get on over to his site and catch the tail end of his Shitfest summer which has been going on for the last few weeks.

We still have a few more reviews coming by the end of the month, so keep an eye out!

Hope you are all starting to think about next month’s genre (chosen by Niall) which is War movies.  Send your reviews to by the 25th of August.


Here’s Eric with his review of Grabbers



grabbers1GRABBERS (2013) FOUR TOP HATS (out of five)


Howdy Good People! How is everybody today? Ready for the weekend? Got big plans? Is anyone going to get loaded tonight? Well – if not – and you want to watch a HILARIOUS movie about people getting loaded to stay alive – this is the movie for you.


Aliens turn up on a small island off of Ireland and they want: YOUR BLOOD. SUCK SUCK SUCK. SUCK SUCK SUCK. Written by an Irish dude, these locals are usually goosed up by ten a.m. and singin’ and fightin’ by 8:00 at night. They also say things like “he’s pissed as a fart”.


When a Drunker Than Elvis fisherman is latched onto one day, his blood alcohol is higher than that building in Dubai and it kills the alien bloodsucker. So – when the mama alien starts pumping out babies and there’s only two cops on the entire island, everyone in the village decides that they better just get loaded and wait it out and call for help from the mainland in the morning.


This movie is totally hilarious and I would be very surprised if anyone saw this and didn’t like it. Some of the actors are a little hard to understand because of their thick dialect but you can easily get around this. If you’ve never heard of it or haven’t been sure whether or not to rent it – DO IT! DO IT!


If you wanted to, you can see my original thoughts on the matter here:



Thanks again to Eric for taking some time away from his Shitfest this month to be a part of this Genre Grandeur

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