Out of Bounds (1986)

out of bounds“Come on kid… maybe you’ll be faster than you’re brother ” – Gaddis

Number of Times Seen – at least twice (cable in the 80’s and 1 Jun 2016)

Brief Synopsis – A teenager travels to LA and accidentally takes a bag filled with drugs from the airport.

My Take on it – This is a movie that I recall enjoying as a teen on cable, but rewatching it now, didn’t really do it for me.

Anthony Michael Hall was part of the Brat Pack in the 80’s along with Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, Alley Sheedy, Lea Thompson, Andrew McCarthy, Charlie Sheen, Molly Ringwald and a bunch of other young up and coming actors at the time.

He was perfectly cast in those kind of John Hughes comedy/dramas, but feels very much out of his league in a thriller like this.

Proof of this is that basically once he lost his teenage charm at the end of the 80’s, he wasn’t in many significant roles that he’s be spotted easily.

I have heard that he was good in the TV series, The Dead Zone, but I never saw any episodes, so I can’t really comment of that.

The plot here is completely cookie-cutter stereotypical of the 80’s and there are so many films that have the same basic plot.

As much as they try here, they don’t manage at all to give us anything fresh and unique here and the movies suffers because of that.

None of the characters are memorable at all and the bad guy, the cop and the helpful local girl all feel created quite standard here without them trying to shake things up in order to make this a better film.

Bottom Line – Liked this a lot more back in the 80’s. Hall seems out of his league in a thriller as oppose to the comedies that he was a big part of during his brat pack years.  The plot is way too standard and doesn’t give us enough surprises to feel unique.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – During the chase scene at the abandoned building, “Nic + Jenny” is seen spray painted on a wall. This is a nod to co-star Jenny Wright and her then-relationship with Nicolas Cage (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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