MovieRob 4th Blogaversary Annual Movie Contest

Well, now that I’ve reached a new blogging milestone of 4 years, I decided to hold a little contest to test out your ability to identify characters from well known movies.

In order to make it a bit harder, I gave chosen only secondary characters from these films, but each one of them are still integral to the story line and have prominent standing in the film itself (no cameos or extras allowed here).

Now the big question you are probably asking yourself right now is why should you participate?

The answer is two fold

1. To show me how much you really pay attention in movies

2. To win the prize and try to outsmart all the fellow bloggers out there.

The prize is one you will be able to covet and brag about for months if not years…

Drum roll pls…..

The winner will get to choose 5 movies for me to watch and review… no caveats. I cannot veto your choices (unless I cant get a hold of a copy despite my vast resources). So if Mutant wins for example, she can force me to watch 5 more dumb-ass movies called Jackass or another 4 hour non-English language film.

The point tho is not necessarily to be mean with your choices, they could just be movies that you’d think I might like and would be interested in hearing my opinion about.

Below, I have posted 25 pictures of characters in mainstream movies that I have watched over the past 12 months and for each picture you can get two points for correctly telling me the title movie and the character’s name (1 point for each answer). (Character first or last name is sufficient.)

Then send me your answers by email to (Do Not post answers in the comments section. I will delete them)

I’ll then tally up the points and whoever gets the most out of the 50 potential points wins.

There will also be a participation reward; Whoever gets at least Five points will get to choose a movie to force me to watch as my appreciation for you giving this a try.

The deadline for submissions is by 30 April and I will announce the winner(s) on 1 May

Best of luck to you all and I hope you have lots of fun!

1. (2016) 2. (2009) 3. (2011) 4. (2016) 5. (1989) 6. (1957) 7. (1987) 8. (1980) 9. (1994) 10. (2001) 11. (1981) 12. (1965) 13. (1991) 14. (2015) 15. (2015) 16. (2012) 17. (2004) 18. (1985) 19. (1969) 20. (1992) 21. (1985) 22. (1958) 23. (1997) 24. (1991) 25. (2016)

Thanks again to all of you for encouraging me to keep doing this!  Without you all, this would not continue to happen!

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