The Beckoning Silence (2007)

beckoning_silience“This mountain, it’s quite addictive. I’ve made six attempts on the face and got bad weather every single time. But it calls you. It… You know, I sort of had this phrase,’The Beckoning silence of great height’ and what I was meaning by that was when you stand on the edge of a great drop, it’s very difficult not to be absolutely staggered by it. When you look at a face like that and you’re a mountaineer, you just want to go up there and play games on it.” – Joe Simpson

Number of Times Seen – 1 (10 Jul 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Documentary of the story of the infamous climb of The Eiger North Face by 4 mountineers in 1936.

My Take on it – After watching
Touching The Void (2003) last week, I became fascinated by the story of Joe Simpsons tale of survival against all odds and became aware of his input in this documentary that he helps narrate from his own perspective as an experienced climber who encountered difficulties during a dangerous mountain climb himself.

Here he helps tell the story of 4 expert climbers who attempted to climb one of the most difficult and dangerous mountains in the world, The Eiger’s North Face in 1936.

I really liked the way this was done because they told the tale as both a documentary with a narrator and also with actors following the path taken by the climbers with Simpson explaining how the climbers must have felt during every step of their perilous journey.

Bottom Line – Excellent documentary that really makes you experience what it possibly felt for the four climbers back in 1936. Simpson’s input is essential in helping us understand what climbers think and feel that gives them the urge and drive to tackle rigorous and dangerous climbs like thid one. Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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