Movies From The Hat

movies from the hat

Hey guys!

I have currently reached 975 reviews on my site, so I decided to gather recommendations from my loyal readers in order to count down my trek to 1000 movies watched and reviewed since the inception of this blog, a mere 18 months ago.

Over the next week or two (depending on my schedule), I will be watching and reviewing 25 movies chosen by my fellow bloggers.

In order to make this more interesting, I have taken the concept from my favorite game from Whose Line is it Anyway? (Scenes From the Hat) and placed all 25 titles in a hat.  When I’m aching to watch a movie, I will pick out a title and watch that one (NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED)

Of these mysterious titles, I have only seen about 6 of them (I think), so I’m looking forward to checking out 19 new ones and revisiting the ones I’ve already seen.

I will post the links to the reviews at the bottom of this post when they become available.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

If you aren’t familiar with Scenes from the Hat, check out these two video’s

Hopefully you will be griped by unending laughter as I always am with this




On with the recommendation reviews!!!

13 thoughts on “Movies From The Hat

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