Ran (1985)

Man is born crying. When he has cried enough, he dies.” – Kyoami

Number of Times Seen – 1 (17 Sep 2017)

Brief Synopsis – A Japanese warlord decides to retire and split his kingdom between his three sons  which leads to much infighting between the three.

My Take on it – This is a film that I have had a desire to see for decades, but shied away merely because it is all in Japanese.

I finally got the courage to venture into it and was really pleasantly surprised with the results.

This film is loosely adapted on Shakespeare’s play King Lear but is much more brutal and conforms so well to what we know of Japanese Feudal society.

The story itself has its ups and downs and some of the scenes are too slow but when things get moving, they really shine.

The way that this film was shot was done in such a superb way that it is such a visually stunning film to watch.

The colors and costumes of the various factions and armies work so well to show us how epic such a story can truly be.

Akira Kurosawa was a masterful director and he himself claimed that this film was among his very best.

he put so much of himself into creating such a visual masterpiece and it clearly shows.

The lessons one can learn from this story are quite poignant and I’m glad that I finally got a chance to see what this film was all about.

Bottom Line – Loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear transplanted to feudal Japan which definitely gets its point across.  The story is slow moving at certain times, but is visually stunning to watch.  Kurosawa made lots of great films but this is considered by himself to be one of his best.  He put so much of himself into making this film and it clearly shows. The epic grandeur of it all is amazing to watch and it really shows us how it is possible to make such a film that is so colorful yet poignant in everything that happens along the way. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The film used approximately 1400 extras and 200 horses. 1400 suits of armor (designed by Akira Kurosawa himself) were fabricated and a number of the horses had to be imported from the United States. Kurosawa used the extras and horses so efficiently that when the film was ready for premiere, newspapers in Japan were reporting that thousands of extras and horses were used to stage the battles. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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