The Great Gatsby (1974)

gg“Rich girls don’t marry poor boys.” – Daisy Buchanan

Number of Times Seen – 1 (21 Oct 2013)

My Take on it – After watching The Great Gatsby (2013) last week, I realized that although I think I had read the book in high school I have never seen this adaptation.

So I watched it.

It was interesting to have seen two adaptations of the same novel within a week since it gave me the ability to compare and contrast them.  Each have their stronger parts and each also have their weaker ones too.

The problem is to try and decide which was better.

I think it would be a tie since the new one uses many modern tricks of film making to further the story and this one relies more on its stellar acting and real sets.

Robert Redford, Bruce Dern, Mia Farrow, Scott Wilson, Karen Black and (a very young) Sam Waterson are all stellar here.

I guess in the end I would have to say that I liked both version in a similar fashion.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t say much good about either of them…

Bottom Line – Found the movie somewhat boring, but still had a great cast with very bright futures

Rating – BAFTA Worthy

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