Movies From the Hat: The Big Chill (1983)

Recommended by Ben


the-big-chill“Wise up, folks. We’re all alone out there and tomorrow we’re going out there again” – Nick

Number of Times Seen – No Clue (cable, video, DVD and 14 Sep 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A group of former college friends spend the weekend talking about life and love while attending the funeral of one of their group.

My Take on it – I have loved this movie for years mainly because of the chemistry forged between these characters.

I have always been a fan of Lawrence Kasden’s work because he knows how to write deeply emotional characters who can connect with one another.

Grand Canyon (1991) is still my favorite of his movies, but this comes in a very close second place.

The choice of music is spectacular and the cast is definitely a dream cast.

Who can imagine getting Kevin Kline, Glenn Close, Mary Kay Place, William Hurt, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Berenger, Meg Tilly and Jobeth Williams all together in a film now.

All they would need is Kevin Costner to seal the deal. (For those who aren’t aware, Costner had a small role as the deceased friend, but since his scene was cut, we only see his arms when the body is being fixed up.)

In this short span of time, the characters are developed extremely well and we learn to care for them which makes this movie feel even more personal than it truly is.

Bottom Line – Great music, comraderie and chemistry between all the characters. Kasden knows how to write a great script with characters we can care about. Amazing cast! Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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