Movies From the Hat 2 – The League of Gentlemen (1960)

Recommended by Emma of Emma K Wall

(Recommendation #19 of 30)

Tnx Emma

league“Well, if you insist on this socialistic nonsense, yes. You’re losing a friend, but gaining a second-in-command. ” – Major Race

Number of Times Seen – 1 (26 May 2015)

Brief Synopsis – A band of former British officers plot to rob a bank with military precision

My Take on it – When Emma suggested this movie to me, I was surprised that I had never heard of it, but it sounded like a movie completely up my alley.

Boy, was I right! (and so was Emma for thinking I’d love this one)

I loved this film from start to finish.

The story was great. The characters and plot are cleverly written and it’s so easy to side with them because they are so prsonable despite being involved in a bank heist.

The cast is excellent with Jack Hawkins taking the lead with Nigel Patrick and Richard Attenborough along for the ride.

The dialogue is sharply written and you really don’t ever know what will happen next.

Parts of it reminded me of the camaraderie of characters in movies from that era, most notably The Great Escape (1963)

I really can’t wait to see this one again.

Bottom Line – Great heist film that is done so well.  Reminds me of similar movies from that era including The Great Escape (1963).  Excellent cast and the plot is quite clever with a great script and dialogue. This is one I’m gonna have to see again in the near future.  Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The army raid is inspired partly by a real IRA raid when IRA members impersonated officers and stole weapons from a barracks.   (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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20 thoughts on “Movies From the Hat 2 – The League of Gentlemen (1960)

  1. Brilliant Rob!!! I’m so glad you liked this, I had another film in mind originally (maybe next time?) but I thought of this and hoped you’d like it (I did think you would!)

    This is truly one of my favourite films, it’s charming and comical and well written, fantastic British actors, characters, dialogue and a brilliant plot!

    I caught this film on telly one Sunday afternoon, I’d heard of it but never seen it. I watched it and fell in love with it, particularly the humour and the ‘banter’ between the guys. It really is the epitome of ‘crime caper’.

    Oh yeah and what Oliver Reed popping up as the gay actor? Could that have been his first ever movie role?!!!!

    I totally agree with the comparison with The Great Escape, reminds me of the Italian Job at times as well (the original haha) I didn’t know about the real IRA inspiration too – great fact!

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  2. Nice to see the younger generation appreciating a timeless British classic. There were some pretty clunky films made around that time, but this isn’t one of them. I always thought of it a a restrained kind of ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ as it would have been had it starred some elderly British actors. ( Check out ‘The Sea Wolves’ (1980) for a similar feel-good vibe.)
    Many well-known British stars have uncredited bit parts in this film. Alongside Oliver Reed, you will find Nigel Green, Norman Rossington, and others, all later to become familiar faces. Reed’s first film role was in 1955, and he was first credited (apart from TV appearances) in ‘The Angry Silence’ (1960), another superb film.
    A very good pick from you Emma. I am suitably impressed.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • Hurrah!!! Thanks Pete 🙂 see? Even Geordie Shore appreciating girls can enjoy a good British crime caper 🙂

      You’re correct, it’s so similar to Ocean’s 11. I actually read a fairy tale recently (I’m reading a book of re-told fairy tales) that was about a solider who was only paid three pennies for his duty at war. Annoyed, he travelled the forest looking for other people with ‘specialist skills’ and at the end of the story he had married the princess and they were all rich. It had HUGE parallels with Ocean’s 11 and of course, The League of Gentlemen!! I can’t remember its name helpfully but I’ll check when I get home 🙂

      Very interesting facts there, thank you! I’m sure the little kid who thwarted them by writing down the registration is someone semi-famous or famous (or was).

      I do love the heist in this of course, but mainly I love…..the British-ness! The silliness and the dialogue. Ahhhh I want to watch it now!!! 🙂

      The ending always sucked but then when you see them in the van together, it really makes you smile again, a bit like Michael Caine’s “I’ve got an idea” in the Italian Job. Though technically a bum ending, it leaves you happy and smiling!


  3. Haven’t seen it yet, but on my list. I mean, with Jack Hawkins and Richard Attenborough, what’s not to like? And the comparisons to Great Escape (Richard Attenborough as “Big X”) in the review are also a plus. Of course, Great Escape has one advantage–a hotshot American pilot played by Steve McQueen. 😉 Oh, and a wisecracking American pilot (sensing a pattern) played by James Garner.


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