That’s So 80’s – Better Off Dead (1985)

THAT’S SO 80s! takes a nostalgic trip down VHS memory lane, remembering some of the cheesiest movies from one of the cheesiest decades.

better off deadFellow movie connoisseur MOVIEROB joins forces with SLIP/THROUGH for a semi-regular column highlighting some of the best scenes (and fashion choices) of the era.

This edition of That’s so 80s gets absurd with the John Cusack Cult Classic  comedy BETTER OFF DEAD (1985).

Your typical teen romance gets a bizarre twist with ridiculous humour and crazy dream sequences.

Rob and Dan breakdown what they love about this retro gem, from the 80s fashion to the 80s sensibilities.

Enjoy! And Stay Rad!

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This movie is one of my very guilty pleasures of the 80’s. I recall seeing it in the theater at the age of 11 and loving it sooo very much.

It does a great job of letting us feel how a teen in the 80’s would feel if he lost his girlfriend and became disparaged with life.

I loved how dark (and funny) this movie gets; we see how many times he tries to commit suicide and each one is shown in a humorous fashion because he keeps regretting the idea midways through.

John Cusack is perfect as Lane despite the fact that the actor himself hated this movie (I can’t seem to understand why tho)

This movie is filled with small bit parts by a number of very recognizable 80’s actors; Chuck Mitchell (famous for portraying Porky in the trilogy), Vincent Schiavelli (Fast Times at Ridgemont High), Taylor Negran (Fast Times at Ridgemont High and One Crazy Summer), Dan Schneider (from TV’s Head of the Class), Steven Williams (21 Jump Street) and of course Curtis Armstrong (Revenge of the Nerds and Risky Business).

I will always remember tho, the paperboy sub-plot here because which of us 80’s kids didn’t at least try to have a paper route and the two dollars he demands here may seem like peanuts now, but back then, to a young teenager, 2 bucks was a lot. I still remember that in one of Cusack’s later movies – Grosse Point Blank (1996), he plays a hit-man and his first kill in the beginning is of a paper boy on a bike sort of like a revenge killing for how much the paperboy hassles him here.

The other subplot that is quite memorable is the racing brothers because Howard Cosell and The Wide World of Sports was quite popular at the time and I recall watching it every Sunday.

Another thing that makes me smile while rewatching this is the whole skiing sub-plot.

I’ve never been skiing in my life, but around the time this came out, my 15 yr old brother went on a skiing trip with a local youth organization and fell and broke his nose.

all 3 ratings are 5’s 🙂

Paperboys….what ever happened to that job?

80’s obligatory music scene

Dan from Head of the Class snortin nose spray

OMG, Porky shows up here too?

Hot 80’s girlfriend before she dumps you

Going down like dominoes in the snow

Even skier need their own manager like Rocky Balboa

NOT the way to try and kill yourself

Is that a Ted McGinley look alike?

80’s fashion, haircuts and of course Diet Coke and Tab galore

Better than stepping on dog droppings

Do I have something on my nose?

Main reason I always hated chalk on chalkboards

Obligatory 80’s cafeteria scene

Head gear???  Is that even used nowadays?

Dance scenes were quite popular in the 80’s

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