Patton (1970)

images“There’s one big difference between you and me, George. I do this job because I’ve been trained to do it. You do it because you LOVE it.” – General Omar Bradley

Number of Times Seen – 2 (on video and 7 May 2013)

Brief Synopsis – Biopic of General George Patton’s triumphs and defeats during World War II

My Take on it – I must admit that the first time I saw this movie a few years ago, I didn’t have the patience to actually pay attention to the movie enough and got bored very quickly. I couldn’t believe that this movie was hailed by many to be a masterpiece and that it had won 8 Oscars.

Having said that and having re-watched it, my opinion has dramatically changed. I really enjoyed it this time. I wasn’t feeling pressured and was able to take in everything being said and done throughout the movie and immensely enjoyed it.

George C. Scott really embodied a troubled real life individual who loved war so much, he forgot that there are other important things in life like manners, etiquette and other social courtesies. He was vilified by the press and the nation, but loved by his men because he was a true leader, a patriot and was a great tactician.

This movie is not a typical shoot em up war movie, since ultimately it’s a tale of a troubled man who was a great leader and not about the war itself. Most of the battle shots are done from afar and we don’t get too up close and personal.  This is quite fitting since the movie is about a general who watches and maneuvers his men from the side lines, not from the grunt on the front lines.

Not an easy movie to watch, but patience will pay off.

Bottom Line – Very well done movie. You need to have patience to get thru it, but ultimately it’s worth the wait.

Rating – Oscar Worthy

16 thoughts on “Patton (1970)

  1. This confirms that I’m getting the new posts emailed to me now, yes. This is one of many classics that I’ve seen but too long ago to remember anything other than my impressions of Scott being fantastic.


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