Temporal Top Ten – 1965

top ten

Number of movies seen from this year – 36
Number of movies reviewed – 35 (including 1 Encore Review)

My #1 for this year changed just a few months ago when I finally saw the film that takes that spot from my now #2 which I have loved for 30+ years.

They do an amazing job showing a microcosm of society with such amazingly diverse characters.

Updated 10 Apr 2018 – Von Ryan’s Express now takes #5 moving all subsequent films down one notch

Updated 1 Aug 2018 – The Flight of the Phoenix moves down to #3 moving all subsequent films down one notch

Updated 2 Dec 2018 – For A Few Dollars More takes #6 moving all subsequent films down one notch.

Updated 3 Dec 2019 – The Shop on Main Street is now #7 moving all subsequent films down accordingly

Honorable Mention – The Third Day
Honorable Mention – In Harm’s Way
Honorable Mention – Ten Little Indians

Honorable Mention – The Hill
10. A Patch of Blue
9. The Collector
8. Von Ryan’s Express

7. The Shop on Main Street

6. For a Few Dollars More

5. Doctor Zhivago
4. A Thousand Clowns
3. Flight of the Phoenix
2. The Sound of Music
1. Ship of Fools

Here’s a complete list of movies that I’ve seen from 1965


  1. Baby The Rain Must Fall
  2. Battle of the Bulge
  3. Bunny Lake Is Missing
  4. Cat Ballou
  5. Chimes At Midnight
  6. The Cincinnati Kid
  7. The Collector
  8. Darling
  9. Doctor Zhivago
  10. Dr. Who and the Daleks
  11. The Flight of the Phoenix
  12. For a Few Dollars More
  13. The Great Race
  14. The Greatest Story Ever Told
  15. The Hill
  16. How To Murder Your Wife
  17. In Harm’s Way
  18. Inside Daisy Clover
  19. The Ipcress File
  20. King Rat
  21. The Loved One
  22. Othello
  23. A Patch of Blue
  24. The Satan Bug
  25. Shenandoah
  26. Ship of Fools   Encore Review
  27. The Shop on Main Street
  28. The Sons of Katie Elder
  29. The Sound of Music
  30. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
  31. Ten Little Indians
  32. That Darn Cat!
  33. The Third Day
  34. A Thousand Clowns
  35. Thunderball
  36. Von Ryan’s Express

2 thoughts on “Temporal Top Ten – 1965

  1. Congrats on seeing 26 movies for this year. Gives you a nice assortment to choose from. I must recuse myself in some regards – having never seen The Sound of Music in its entirety. Even if I had, I doubt it would make my list. But from your 26 – I must say that I’m surprised that Ship of Fools hit #1. It’s a very good movie – but with david Lean’s “Dr. Zhivago” lurking 3 spots back – that’s an interesting call. In Harm’s Way would qualify as one of my guilty pleasures – another in a long line of Preminger steamy all-star epics – but one of his better efforts. I like John Wayne in this, and Kirk and Patricia Neal. A Patch of Blue – terrific. I’ve only seen The Collector once – but it left a lasting (spooky) impression on me. Interesting William Wyler. Flight of the Phoenix has one of my all time favorite opening title sequences and a great cast and a fascinating triumphant story. A little on the long side (and needlessly remade years later with Dennis Quaid – terrible) – but a rousing finish (that cost a stunt flyer his life in the making of the film). From your also ran list – The Cincinnati Kid would have definitely made my Top 10. Love it. Thunderball – not my favorite Bond. Von Ryan’s Express (read the book as well) was a lot of fun. First film I ever saw on Pay TV. But unseen: Cat Ballou, The Train, Othello, The Slender Thread, Shenandoah, The Great Race (crazy over the top comedy with one of the great pie fights of all time).

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